Cells On Ice in collaboration with their technology partner American CryoStem has been established to provide state of the art cryobanking to any patient having a liposuction for either therapeutic (SVF deployment for IRB approved conditions) or cosmetic reasons. A small volume of fat can be preserved as stromal Vascular Fraction (or as expanded stem cells in the near future) and it will remain frozen indefinitely in an FDA registered facility. This enables a person to receive their own autologous stem cells back for future deployments at any time in the future should the medical need arise. Other patients may want to use their own cells in the near future as part of a sequential repeat treatment for various conditions where one treatment is inadequate. Many patients will want to have cells available on a moment’s notice if they had an accident or stroke or heart attack. Some of these cells could even be used for cancer therapies or age mitigation strategies (“Cell Renewal Therapy”). The cost of this “Bio-Insurance” is $2500 to process and then $240 per year to maintain the bank of stem cells. Having your own personal stem cells available for medical immediate use at any time in your life is a valuable medical asset. For more information, call 855-204-0302.


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