Dr. Barmada studied undergraduate applied biology in London in the mid-sixties; and in 1967, he founded the Brunel Equestrian Club, where he also instructed in horse-riding and dressage. In 1968, he gained admission to the prestigious St. Andrews University (Scotland’s oldest university) to study Medical Science. There he founded the Karate club of St. Andrews. Later, in 1973, while a medical student at Manchester University in England, he founded three Karate Clubs, where he also instructed in Karate, reaching the 4th. Dan (grade) of black-belt.

Dr. Barmada’s medical career began in 1974, when he graduated from Manchester University Medical School. After finishing his internship in hematology he held a one-year residency in pathology and another in internal medicine. He believed that such experience would make him a better surgeon. In 1977, he started a general surgical residency, followed by a residency in cardiovascular and thoracic surgery, working with two of the giants of cardiac surgery: Donald Ross, MD, and Professor Sir Magdy Yacoub, the world’s most experienced heart transplant surgeon. Over the next several years Dr. Barmada acquired extensive experience in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery, including trauma.

Being passionate about sport and sports medicine, from 1974 to 1984, Dr. Barmada served as Medical Officer to the “United Kingdom Karate-do Federation,” advising on and treating sports injuries at national and international events. In addition, he served as Medical Officer to the “Martial Arts Commission of Great Britain.” During a visit to Japan in 1973, Grand-Master Hironori Ohtsuka, endorsed Dr. Barmada and presented him with his commemorative, not-for-sale book. Ohtsuka, was famous for founding the Wado-Ryu style of Karate, for developing the current system of scoring in Karate and for being the only person in the history of sport to be honored by the Emperor of Japan, with the “Medal of the Rising Sun.”

In 1991, Dr. Barmada joined the Heart Institute at St. Vincent Hospital in Portland, Oregon, as Chief Fellow working alongside the world-renowned Cardiac Surgeon, Dr. Albert Starr, the first surgeon in the world to insert a valve in a heart. He later became Associate in Cardiac Surgery at Harvard University’s Beth Israel Hospital. In 2000, he went to settle on the Mississippi Coast where he operated extensively at several coastal hospitals, performing thoracic, cardiac and vascular (incl. endovascular) surgery. Over the years he became especially interest in renal dialysis access as well as venous and lymphatic disorders. In Summer 2011, Dr. Barmada decided to dedicate more time to his enlarging office-based vascular practice; and in addition developed his interest in Stem Cell research, since he had been fascinated by the use of stem cells for treatment of many inoperable conditions including vascular occlusions, severe COPD, heart conditions and many others, that he used to encounter frequently in clinical practice. Dr. Barmada’s prestigious awards and associations include memberships of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons, the Society for Vascular Ultrasound, the American Venous Forum, the American College of Phlebology; and Fellowships of the Royal Society of Medicine, England, the Royal College of Edinburgh in General Surgery and later in Cardio-Vascular Surgery and Fellowship of the British, four Royal College Boards in Cardio-thoracic Surgery. He possesses two active medical licenses in Mississippi and Louisiana and four dormant licenses in Massachusetts, Oregon, Washington and California; and has three US patents in Cardiac and vascular surgery.


Curriculum Vitae


Hazem Barmada, M.D., FRCS Ed, FRCSEd CTh, FRCS CTH

CardioVascular & Thoracic Surgeon


PRACTICE NAME: Spring of Youth Medical Group

Vein & Laser Center * Aesthetics Center

WEBSITE     www.SpringofYouthMedical.com


1155 Ocean Springs Rd

Ocean Springs, MS 39564

EMAIL ADDRESS:     BarmadaMD@bellsouth.net

MAIN TELEPHONE:    228 875 0885



Pre-University High School           London, England         1967Scottish Universities Board    Edinburgh, Scotland           1968

B.Sc. (Medical Science)        St. Andrews University, Scotland, UK.    1971

MD (M.B., Ch.B.)                   Manchester University, England, UK.     1974

FMGEMS                                         ECFMG (1974), FMGEMS (1991) USA.  1974 & 1990

FLEX examination for license       Pennsylvania State                                     1991



ACTIVE LICENSES:Mississippi State License                               2000

Louisiana State License                                 2002



California State Med License                       1999

Massachusetts State License                        1994

Oregon State License                                    1994

Washington State License              Certificate           1997


FEDERAL DEA Certification                   1994



F.R.C.S. Ed                              Fellowship, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.                              1982F.R.C.S.Ed. CTh                      Fellowship, R. C. S. Edinburgh in Cardiothoracic Surgery.                        1995

F.R.C.S. CTh                            Intercollegiate (British) Board in Cardiothoracic Surgery.                       1995

Member of STS                       Society of Thoracic Surgeons, USA.                                                       1994

Member of Editorial Board    Journal of Long Term Effects of Medical Implants.                                      1994-2000

Member of   SVU                   Society for Vascular Ultrasound since.                                                     2003

Member of ACP                     American College of Phlebology.                                                             2007

Fellow of RSM                       Royal Society of Medicine, London. By invitation.                                     2011

Member of NSOCP                National Society of Cosmetic Physicians                                                   2012

United States Patent              Method for making an artificial heart valve.                                             1995

United States Patent               System & Method for Removing an Implanted Catheter from a Patient.     02/2012

US Patent                               Kit for removing an Implanted Catheter from a Patient.                          Pending



Since 2011

Private Solo Practice in Vascular Disorders.

Super-specialty in Venous and Lymphatic Disorders.

Subspecialty in Aesthetics and Minimally Invasive Procedures.



2000 – 2011

Private Solo Practice in Cardiac, Thoracic and Vascular Surgeries (Arterial & Venous).

Subspecialty in Minimally Invasive Procedures and Hybrid Procedure.

Subspecialty Endovascular Procedures and Dialysis Access.



1994 – 2000

Associate in Cardiothoracic Surgery at Beth Israel Hospital (Harvard Hospital in Boston); and later

Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgeon with Starr-Wood Cardiac Group of Portland, OR

-with an Overseas Satellite Program under the auspices of the Late Warren Hancock.



1974 – 1977

Internship in Hematology and Otorhinolaryngology at Manchester Royal Infirmary, UK, for 1 year.

Resident in Internal Medicine, Trauma and Surgical Pathology at University of Manchester Hospitals, for 2 years.


1977 – 1981

General Surgical Residency in Manchester and Liverpool Universities’ Hospitals.


1981 – 1984

Cardio-Vascular and Thoracic Surgery Residency at National Heart Hospital, London, and other UK Regional Centers.


1991 – 1994

Chief Fellow at the Heart Institute at St. Vincent and the Albert Starr Academic Center.

Residency at Emanuel Hospital in Portland Oregon in Surgery to complete licensure requirement.



  • St. Vincent Medical Center, Portland, OR. 1991.
  • St. Charles Medical Center, Bend, OR. 1992.
  • Legacy Emanuel Hospitals, Portland, OR. 1991.
  • Providence Alaska Medical Center, Anchorage, Alaska. 1991.
  • St. Joseph Hospital, Bellingham, WA. 1997.
  • Good Shepherd Hospital, Hermiston, OR. 1999.
  • Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts. 1994
  • Anna Jacques Hospital, Newburyport, MA. 1994
  • VA Medical Center, West Roxbury, MA. 1999.
  • Memorial Hospital at Gulfport, Gulfport, MS. 2000.
  • Garden Park Medical Center, Gulfport, MS. 2000.
  • Gulf Coast Medical Center, Biloxi, MS. 2000.
  • Hancock Medical Center, Bay St. Louis , MS.2000.
  • Ocean Springs Hospital, Ocean Springs, MS. 2002.
  • Singing River Hospital, Pascagoula, MS. 2002.






Distinction on Dissertation on “Isle of Man,” while Medical Student at Manchester University, UK                     1973

Distinction on Dissertation entitled “Lactase Deficiency in Japanese Children” (Summer project in Japan).  1973

First Prize  “the most outstanding scientific paper presentation” (Legacy Group Science Fair).                              1994

First Prize  “the most outstanding scientific poster”               (Legacy Group Science Fair).                                                     1994

Visiting Professor to Kurume University in Kyushu, Japan.                                                                            1985


Founded and managed the horse-riding club of Brunel University, in London, UK.                                             1967-68

Founded and Managed the Karate club of St. Andrews University, Scotland, UK.                                                     1968-71

Founded and Managed the Karate club, at Manchester University, UK.                                                                           1973-84

Medical Officer to the Martial Arts Commission of Great Britain, UK.                                                                 1974-84

Awarded 3rd degree of Black-belt by Hironori Ohtsuka, in Japanese Wado-Ryu Style of Karate.                             1978



Newspaper Article in “The Scotsman” in Edinburgh, Scotland about views on sport and Karate.                             1971

Newspaper Article upon visit to Japan in Kurume, Japan, as a visiting professor after 12 years of 1st visit.               1985

Television Interview on “Ischemic heart disease.”                                                                                            1988

Television Interview on Hydatid Disease & Foreign Bodies in respiratory tract of children.                     1988



1.   Barmada H.  Case of the season: chronic chest pain in a 16-year-old girl.

Seminars in Roentgenology 1991; XXVI, 4(Oct):279-81

2.  Barmada H, Gibbons JRP.  Tracheobronchial Injury in blunt and penetrating chest trauma.

Chest 1994;106(1):7.  A personal series of 10 cases,

3.  Barmada H, Starr A.  Clinical hemolysis with the St. Jude heart valve without paravalvular leak.

Medical Progress through Technology 20(3-4):191-4,1994 (Nov.).

A report of 2 patients who had their implanted mitral valves replaced for idiopathic hemolysis, and a review of the literature.

4. Barmada H, Cohen D.  Surface analysis of bileaflet prosthetic heart valve leading edge.

ASAIO Journal 44 (4): 294-298, 1998. A full study of 17 valves.  .   

5. Barmada H. United States Patent No. 5,443,501:  method for making an artificial heart valve.

               United States Patent Office: August 22, 1995.  Following on from the above work. Discusses a method

whereby potentially hemolytic valves may be recognized and re-processed before implantation in patients.

6. Barmada H. United States patent: System & Method for Removing an Implanted Catheter from a Pt.

Patent No.: 8,109,939;  Serial No.: 12/412,845

7. Barmada H. United States Pending Patent: Kit for removing an Implanted Catheter from a Patient.

8. Barmada H, Stout T, Cohen D.  Surface analysis of St. Jude valve leaflet leading edge.  April 21, 1994. Presented

in both Poster and Paper Sections of the Legacy Group of Hospitals, at Fourth Annual Science Fair, in Portland, OR.

First prize for “the most outstanding scientific presentation,” &

First prize in the poster section.Ten SJM valves were examined as noted above.

9. Barmada H. Surface analysis of St. Jude valve leaflet leading edge.

               May 20, 1994. Presented at the Annual Meetingthe Surgical Society of Portland, OR.

10. Barmada H, Cohen D.  Surface analysis of bileaflet prosthetic heart valve leading edge.

               Presented by invitation at the poster session of the Second Miami Symposium on Mechanical Heart Valves on                                March 25, 1995.

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