Dr. Jon Greenfield is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who has been practicing in West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills for 38 years. Dr. Greenfield is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, the Arthroscopy Board of North America, and the American Academy of Pain Management. He holds surgical certifications in Intradiscal Therapy, CO2 Laser in Arthroscopic Surgery, Holmium YAG Laser in Arthroscopic Knee Surgery, Percutaneous Nucleotomy, Lipotherme Laser Liposuction, and the SVF Investigational Development System (Stem Cell Rejuvenation Therapy). Dr. Greenfield is Medical Director of the Miracle Mile Outpatient Surgery Center in Los Angeles, a team physician for a local high school, and a Qualified Medical Evaluator for industrial injuries in the State of California. He is on the faculty of the University of Southern California Medical School, Physicians Assistant training program. Dr. Greenfield has published research and clinical practice articles in medical journals, and has lectured on various topics related to orthopedic medicine and surgery and the management of chronic intractable pain in the United States and Mexico. In addition Dr. Greenfield holds a MBA degree, is a Certified Public Accountant. The Miracle Mile Outpatient Surgery Center (MMOSC) is a Medicare Certified ambulatory surgery facility dedicated to surgical excellence in a doctor friendly and patient friendly environment. Our 13,000 square foot surgery facility has state of the art equipment, and fully licensed and board certified providers. We have the capacity to meet the needs of most ambulatory surgical and diagnostic procedures, including orthopedics, spinal diagnostics and spine surgery, podiatric, interventional pain management, urologic, plastic/reconstructive, cosmetic, bariatric weight loss, and general surgery. MMOSC has developed specialization programs in minimally invasive spine surgery, bariatric gastric banding surgery, interventional pain management, and stem cell orthopedic and spine rejuvenation therapy. In 2013, Miracle Mile Outpatient Surgery Center established a stem cell rejuvenation program: The Miracle Mile Stem Cell Center.


Fellow, American Academy 434 South San Vicente Blvd Diplomate, American Board
Orthopedic Surgery Los Angeles, California 90048 of Orthopaedic Surgery
Tel: (310) 659-3400 Fax (310) 659-3430

May 2013


Hamilton High School, Los Angeles, CA 1965
UCLA, Los Angeles, CA Bachelor of Arts 1965-1969
UCLA Medical School, Los Angeles, CA 1969-1973
Elected to Alpha Omega Alpha
Medical School Honor Society
Harbor General Hospital Rotating Internship 1973-1974
UC Irvine Orthopedic Surgical Residency 1974-1978
Pepperdine School of Business, MBA 1990-1991
UCLA Award in Accounting 1996


436 N. Roxbury Drive #202 1978-1997
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
434 S. San Vicente Blvd. 1997-present
Los Angeles, CA 90048


California License: #G26989 1974
Diplomate, American Board of Orthopedic Surgery 1979
Diplomate, Arthroscopy Board of North America 1989
Diplomate, American Academy of Pain Management 1990



Clinical Instructor Professor of Family Medicine
At Keck School of Medicine/USC 2011-2012
USC Volunteer Staff 2001-present


Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Olympia Medical Center
Brotman Hospital
Miracle Mile Outpatient Surgery Center


Medical Director, Pain Program
Beverly Hills Medical Center 1984-1991
Chairman, Quality Assurance Committee,
Beverly Hills Medical Center 1986-1991
Medical Director, Pain Care Center
Midway Hospital Medical Center 1991-1994
Chairman, Quality Assurance Committee
Beverly Hills Medical Center 1989-1991
Clinic Chief, Resident Clinic Service
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center 1994-1996
Orthopedic Peer Review Committee
Cedars-Sinai Medial Center 1994-1996
Peer Review for Blue Cross 1996-1998
Site Supervisor, USC Physician Assistant Program 1999-present
USC Volunteer Staff 2001-present


Intradiscal Therapy 1983
CO2 Laser in Arthroscopic Surgery 1988
Holmium YAG Laser in Arthroscopic Knee Surgery 1991
Percutaneous Nucleotomy 1992
SVF Investigational Development System 2013


Independent Medical Examiner, Department of Industrial Relations,
Division of Industrial Accidents, State of California 1986-1988
Certified in Advanced Permanent Disability Rating 1989
Qualified Medical Examiner 1991-present
Agreed Medical Examiner Present


Chairman, Beverly Hills Private Physicians (IPA) 1991-1998
Secretary Treasurer, Museum Center Surgery 2000-Present
Group Inc
Medical Director, Miracle Mile Outpatient 2005-Present
Surgery Center


Los Angeles County Medical Association
California Medical Association
American Pain Society
American Academy of Pain Management
Western Orthopedic Association


“Acute Cervical Strain”; Clinical Orthopedics, Jan. 1977 and Feb. 1977.

“Morton’s Interdigital Neuroma”; Clinical Orthopedics, May 1984.

“Achilles’ Tendon Rupture”; Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association, Nov. 1987.

“What Employers Should Know About Comprehensive Pain Centers”; Newsletter of the Southern California Council of Self Insurers, Dec. 1989.


“Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery”, presented at the Beverly Hills Medical Center
Eighth Annual Clinical Symposioum, May 9, 1987.

“Arthroscopic Evaluation and Treatment of Arthritis”, presented at New Frontiers in Arthritis: The Primary Care Physician Perspective, sponsored by Beverly Hills Arthritis Institute, December 2, 1989.

“Office Management of Fibromyalgia”, sponsored by The Southern California CFIDS Awareness of Support Services and the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Institute, May 19, 1991.

“Laser Arthroscopy of the Knee”, sponsored by Association of Surgical Technologists of Southern California, Chapter 100, “Surgery Potpourri 1991”, presented at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, October 19, 1991.

“Lasers in Orthopedics”, sponsored by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, presented at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, December 7, 1991.

“Arthroscopic Laser Surgery Course: Holmium 2.1 Laser”, sponsored by Physiolic Reps, Inc. and Coherent Medical, presented at Thompson Medical Center, May 2, 1992


“Arthroscopy of the Shoulder”, sponsored by Sociadad Mexicana de Orthopedia, presented at Continental Plaza Hotel, Veracruz, Mexico, May 2, 1995.

“Arthroscopy of the Shoulder, Bankhart Repair”, sponsored by Treque International Donjoy, presented at Lomas Verdes Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico, October 15, 1995.

“Arthroscopy of the Knee, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Repair, Interferential Screw”, sponsored by Smith & Nephew Donjoy, presented at Donjoy Cerf Facilities, Carlsbad, California, October 27, 1995.

“Arthroscopy of the Knee, Anterior Cruicate Ligament Repair, Interferential RCI Screw”, sponsored by Treque International Donjoy, presented at Nuevo Sanatorio Durango, S.A. DE C.V., Mexico City, Mexico, May 3, 1996 and at Hospital Militar, May 4, 1996.

“Arthroscopy of the Shoulder, Bankhart Repair”, sponsored by Smith Nephew Donjoy, presented at Lomas Verdes Hospital, Mexico City, Mexico. An all day symposium with cadaver laboratory and live surgical demonstrations, 1997.

“Lasers in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Resconstructions”, presented at Conference of Shoulder and Knee Arthroscopy, Cancun, Mexico, 2001.


U.S. Patent # 5,529,074
1/17/96 Uniform Pressure Diagnostic Pinwheel

U.S. Patent # 5,584,835
12/17/96 Soft Tissue to Bone Fixation Device and Method

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