Employment History

  • Owner St James Hospital
  • Chairman The St. James Group
  • Chairman Azzjoni Nazzjonali
  • Founder and Managing Director The Eden Foundation
  • President The Eden Foundation
  • President of the Board of Trustees The Eden Foundation
  • Malta Employers’ Association

Board Memberships and Affiliations

  • Board Member St James Hospital
  • Board Member The St. James Group
  • Founder The St. James Group
  • Founder Azzjoni Nazzjonali


  • medical doctor University of Malta


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Speakers: Dr George Abela (Former … www.jonshaw.com, 1 Nov 2014

Speakers: Dr George Abela (Former President of Malta); Dr Lawrence Gonzi (Former Prime Minister of Malta); Dr Josie Muscat (Chairman St James Hospital); Dr Gavin Gulia (Chairman Malta Tourism Authority); […]

But St James Hospital chairman … www.maltatoday.com.mt, 7 Oct 2014

But St James Hospital chairman Josie Muscat has claimed that MRI scans at private hospitals remain “under-utilised”.

“Private hospitals are at the crossroads,” Muscat warned, claiming that “a high level of poverty” was the reason why so many patients still opt for free public healthcare.

Josie Muscat also claimed that a lot of healthcare funds were being wasted on “abusive” – or unnecessary – hospital tests, where patients are made to take a lot of medical tests that they don’t need.

Josie Muscat, owner of … www.lifesitenews.com, 31 July 2012

Josie Muscat, owner of St James Hospital, told MaltaToday that the government is “trying to please everybody. Except patients” adding that it will be difficult for him to keep hisembryologists employed.

‘IVF law will send couples abroad’ … www.maltatoday.com.mt, 30 July 2012

‘IVF law will send couples abroad’ – Josie Muscat

‘IVF law will send couples abroad’ – Josie Muscat

Egg freezing: great white hope for IVF, or an ethical crutch for government? Share this St James Hospital director Josie Muscat.

… The doctor who for the past 22 years led Malta’s most active infertility clinic is starting to think about closing shop: Dr Josie Muscat, the owner of the St James Hospital group, says hecan’t imagine keeping his embryologists employed now that the Nationalist government is planning to outlaw the fertilisation of more than two eggs.

Muscat, a former Nationalist MP, was emphatic in his verdict of the Embryo Protection bill unveiled this week: “They are trying to please everybody. Except patients,” he said of the government’s intention to effectively ban the current practice of fertilising more than two eggs and implant more than two embryos.

The government’s IVF law will ban the freezing and adoption of embryos and introduce oocyte vitrification – or egg freezing – a process that, albeit experimental in some countries, is generating promising results.

Muscat acknowledges the promise of egg freezing but is careful to qualify his statement. “There are many studies, each delivering varying success rates and all of them conflicting.”

But he warns that government’s promise of egg freezing has yet to stand the test of success. “It worries me that we cannot fertilise more than two eggs, it’s absolutely wrong. They are showing they don’t understand a thing of what goes on inside the laboratory.”

Muscat is naturally concerned for his own business, but also for the chances of success for infertile couples through egg freezing. MPs are about to ban the practice which he says has so far delivered an almost 60% success rate in IVF pregnancies, opting for the experimental, albeit promising, science of egg freezing.

He is even considering shutting down his operation: “Why employ an embryologist for one-off clients when people will start making use of the government service for free?

You make exceptions for older women, those who have already gone through unsuccessful cycles, those with particular medical conditions: we know that just putting in two embryos, will simply not work in these cases,” Muscat said.

So why not freeze, I asked Muscat? Here he reveals his own ethical dilemma.

But, as Dr Muscat is quick to point out, ‘hope’ here is the operational word.

Josie Muscat, on his part, sounds a warning: “We are going to open our patients to some IVF tourism… abroad.

11:41 | ‘IVF law will send couples abroad’ – Josie Muscat

Malta Employers’ Association > About Us > Profiles > Council Members > Dr Josie Muscat www.maltaemployers.com, 25 Mar 2008

Profiles Council Members Dr Josie Muscat

Josie Muscat was born at Qrendi in July 1943.At the age of 21 he entered Parliament on behalf of the PN representing the second district.A year later, he graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Malta.

Josie Muscat left politics in 1987 to concentrate on hismedical career.Today he is the director of the St. James Group, Malta’s largest private medical group which, to date, runs hospitals in Zabbar and Sliema together with a number of specialised clinics in Attard, Sliema, Mosta and Ghajnsielem in Gozo.The St. James Group is also present in Libya.

Dr. Josie Muscat is also the founder and Managing Director of The Eden Foundation, a NGO that supports people with intellectual disability in a number of areas which include Down ‘s syndrome, Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder, and Learning Difficulties.

Dr Josie Muscat

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