As a pioneering physician in Canada, Dr. Braun is now specializing in the emerging and exciting field of Adult Stem Cell and PRP treatments. Dr. Braun is one of the few physicians in Canada who has trained in the specialized growing field of Regenerative Medicine. He uses your own (autologous) stem cells from your vascular stroma to treat your musculoskeletal, autoimmune disorders, or deteriorating conditions using the clinical protocols of the Cell Surgical Network.

Dr. Braun severely injured his right knee skiing in 2010, and underwent reconstructive surgery. However, due to ongoing pain and disability he investigated alternative treatments and discovered autologous stem cell regenerative medicine. Dr. Braun underwent his first stem cell deployment in 2014, with excellent results. His stem cell treatment allowed him to continue to ski expert terrain. The success of his own stem cell deployment compelled him to offer this cutting edge treatment to others.

Dr. Braun received his medical degree from the University of British Columbia in 1984 and completed his core surgical training at VGH. He subsequently worked for 15 years in the busiest emergency room in Canada, before he founded the Vancouver Laser and Skin Care Centre.  As an experienced clinician, researcher, teacher, and major international speaker Dr. Braun has been practicing medicine for more than 33 years.

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