Having successfully completed his medical and surgical training at the University of Glasgow, United Kingdom, Dr. Z Teo took a keen interest in medical aesthetics and surgery. After witnessing the clear physical and psychological benefits when principles of wellness and beauty come together, he decided to pursue medical regenerative aesthetics as his main practice focus. Dr. Z Teo trained under the mentorship of renowned cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists with the aim of perfecting his skills.He has also traveled extensively to learn from the best in Stem Cell Therapy in USA, Korea and Japan. Today, his focus lies on the the applications of Autologus Stem Cells to uncover its tremendous potential in improving a wide range of medical and surgical conditions. Being an avid sportsman, he is extremely focused on the use of stem cells for the applications of sports injuries and orthopedic joint pains. He is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-aging Society and also The Singapore Singapore Society of Aesthetic medicine.



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